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Thursday, June 23, 2005


Control Winamp from your VST host

I just finished a little plugin (two plugins actually) so you can control winamps payback from you VST host. The playback position of your host is sent to winamp so when your press play in Audiomulch, Winamp should start playing. If your transport is at 30 seconds in Audiomulch when you press play then Winamp should start playing at 30 seconds into the current track. This should be handy if you want to score movies using hosts that don't have built in media players. This is an alpha release, get it here
Wow, it seems very useful =)
I will try it, thanks

Really excited about this one, as are alot of others. It just doesn't seem to work in Ableton Live. :(
Awesome. Someone actually did this. Thanks very much. Haven't had luck with Live though...argg
,waiting patiently for the new beta.:D
Thanks bro, I'll test it with live asap.
do you need a vst host or can you just run vst plugins through it?
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