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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Foorius Synthesizer Released

Version 1.0 of Foorius is now available for download. Please visit the foorius page for more details.
Ooooch DMI thanks - I have been waiting for this since year:D
Congratulations with your release dmi!
Silly questions :

1) AM means : Amplitude Modulation or Acoustic Modelling ?

2) VA means : Virtual Analog or Virtual Acoustic ?
In this case AM=amplitude modulation and VA=virtual analog
please tell me you're planning an OSX version
I tried the demo, This thing is amazing.. I can't believe its donation ware...
I hate this nag screen.
Iam unemployed now. Is it possible to get version without it by doin some presets?
I transferred money to my PayPal-account today just to be able to donate. Another great work of another skilled SMEX-member! :)
As was asked before - will there be an OSX port?
i just want to say THANKS for this gem!
you can be proud of your release!
i just donate for such a piece of gear
please keep up the awesome work!
Can you PLEASE to a Lunix port? The bugger won't even install in WinE.
I'm having a problem. I installed Foorius in Orion Platinum (Win 98, Pentium 2), and it doesn't show up. Is my computer too ancient for Foorius?
wow, this is nice...great gui. can you tell me if you're able to load a sound/play a wave file through the synth as an fx source? and i've never bought/donated anything from here, so i don't want to donate something insultingly low, can you let me know what is appropriate. i won't lie, i'm pretty damn broke but this might be worth not eating for a week :)


ps...prof_lofi (at)
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